Dominarlo provides digitals tools to streamline your education. With our customizable textbooks, interactive games, and assignment automation tools, you can optimize your workflow and create new opportunities to enhance students’ skills. Available separately or bundled, we have the solutions to reimagine your classroom.

How it Works

Let us take you where you want to go. Learn more about our applications to choose the solutions that best suit your classroom.


The Workshop

Need assignment creation and grading options? 

Discover how the Workshop optimizes your classroom – including Excel and dataset analysis.


The Pressroom

Want to make your textbook a learning cornerstone? 

Publish digitally with the Pressroom to address a variety of reader levels and learning styles.


The Arcade

Students bored with old learning formats?

Integrate customizable games into your classroom with The Arcade. 

Managing your classroom has never been easier.

Our Values


We believe instructors are the heart of education, which is why our tools use collaboration and automation to make coordinating assignments fast and easy.


We aim to make education universal by providing flexible and affordable solutions that benefit all kinds of learners and budgets.


We are committed to student excellence with built-in systems to prevent and detect possible violations of academic integrity.

Dominarlo for Classrooms

The Workshop, Pressroom, and Arcade are built for educators looking to optimizer their time and elevate student learning.

  • Question Bank
  • Assignment creation & grading
  • Automated Excel grading
  • Dataset Library
  • Customizable games
  • Earn royalties

Sponsor Student Excellence

Interested in keeping education affordable? Dominarlo offers a sponsorship program for businesses and institutions interested in building relationships with students and enriching their communities. By becoming a sponsor, your organization can increase brand visibility while helping to make education affordable.

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