Games Included in the Arcade

The Arcade by Dominarlo uses edutainment to turn complex finance and accounting topics into fun and interactive challenges. Our three educational games simulate real-world tasks to help your students get hands-on experience and help you diversify your teaching.

Climbing the Ladder

In Climbing the Ladder, students begin their virtual careers at a bank and strive for a position at a corporate investment firm as they learn about capital budgeting, stock valuation, and more.

Path to Partner

Students learn about the needs of a business in Path to Partner as they take on the role of consultant and test their skills with a variety of management accounting problems.

Double Scoop Accounting

In Double Scoop Accounting, students will build and manage their own start-up ice cream shops. They’ll need to learn the ins and outs of financial accounting in order to turn a profit .

Convenient and Customizable

Instructors can customize which challenges are presented in-game and randomize the numerical values given to each student. And all Arcade games are integrated with Dominarlo’s Workshop, so students’ progress can be graded instantly and automatically. 

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