The Pressroom by Dominarlo is a digital publishing platform that transforms the way students interact with your textbook. The Pressroom gives authors the tools to address all kinds of learners by making supplementary content available in-text, creating opportunities for reader collaboration, tracking student progress, and more. 


Authors can include optional content for additional reading or to address different levels of readers. This content is attached directly to sections of the text for easy access, and can be presented in a variety of formats —including audio and video.


To help out their fellow learners, readers can upload their own supplementary content, and a customizable peer review system ensures only quality submissions are accepted.


Works published with the Pressroom are integrated with auto-marking test questions and a reader dashboard to track students’ understanding of material.


Choosing to publish your text as an interactive ebook with Dominarlo allows you to acquire additional services such as cover design and manuscript editing. 

Preview The Pressroom Features

As The Pressroom’s flagship text, Principles of Management Accounting is committed to addressing the diverse learning needs of all students. This customizable, interactive, multimedia textbook draws upon the Universal Design for Learning to create a truly inclusive learning environment. Envision your next textbook with The Pressroom by viewing Principles‘ interactive features. 

Principles of Management Accounting

From our bank accounts to our grades, we make numerical assessments every day —analyzing, identifying, interpreting, and measuring an array of possibilities. 

In Principles of Management Accounting, readers will learn management accounting on an organizational level as well as the practical application of numbers, values, and forecasting. By analyzing costs, readers will build confidence in a tangible skill that can be applied and measured daily.

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