The Workshop by Dominarlo is a suite of educational tools to help you optimize yourworkflow. Included in the Workshop are Quiz Builder, Excel Analyzer, and QueryChecker — three tools that let you build assignments quickly, eliminate grading, and expand your options as an instructor.

Tools Included in the Workshop

Watch our video to preview Quiz Builder features

Quiz Builder

Dominarlo’s Quiz Builder is an all-in-one assignment creation, completion, and correction tool. With it, you can build your own custom questions in a variety of formats — including randomized variations, if desired — and arrange them into assignments.

Assignments can be completed by students online and will grade themselves automatically upon submission. Quiz Builder can also provide students with detailed feedback on their performance.

Where to Implement Quiz Builder

Traditional Assignments – Quiz Builder includes question formats such as multiple choice, matching, and categorizing. It’s the ideal tool to make traditional tests and exercises as you would find in any field or level of study.

Accounting & Finance – Accounting-specific question types are also included. Test students’ understanding with questions based on journal entries, balance sheets, income statements, and more.

Watch our video to preview Excel Analyzer features

Excel Analyzer

Microsoft Excel proficiency is a vital skill in many fields, but marking spreadsheet-based assignments cell-by-cell is taxing on instructors.

Dominarlo’s Excel Analyzer can automatically grade Excel exercises while still detecting viable alternate solutions and possible violations of academic integrity. Help your students get the hands-on experience they need without adding to your workload.

Where to Implement Excel Analyzer

Accounting & Finance – Excel Analyzer is perfect for giving students experience working with budget analyses, financial forecasting, portfolio analyses, and more.

Science & Engineering – Easily grade students’ lab results or complement calculation-heavy courses with spreadsheets to enhance student engagement and understanding.

Watch our video to preview Query Checker features

Query Checker

Data analysis is becoming one of the most important skills in the workplace, but teaching students to work with data sets can be challenging.

Dominarlo’s Query Checker lets you easily build assignments around large sets of synthetic data. The tool lets you create queries, assign questions, and even randomize the data presented to each student. And, of course, all assignments are graded automatically.

Where to Implement Query Checker

Math & Statistics – Query Checker is perfect for helping students learn the ins and outs of cleaning, sorting, and categorizing data. 

Social Sciences & Business – Data sets can be a useful tool for teaching demographics, crime rates, economic trends, and more.

Built for You and Your Students

Students in mind

Dominarlo’s educational tools are designed to be easily integrated into your classroom. The Workshop lets you set assignment start and due dates, schedule grade and answer release dates, and easily manage classes and course sections.

In addition, the Workshop’s low price point and complete textbook independence makes it an affordable option for all students.

Collaborate with Instructors Around the Globe

When you join the Workshop, you are also given access to Dominarlo’s library of user-created questions — including spreadsheet-based questions and datasets. These resources are free to use, and you have the option of contributing your creations to the bank or keeping them private. Instructors who have contributed can earn royalties when other users borrow their work.

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