Our Story

Dominarlo was founded in 2021 by Dr. Sherif Elbarrad. Over his long career in accounting and academics, Dr. Elbarrad had found his love for teaching while encountering an ample list of frustrations. Inflated textbook costs. A lack of accessibility options. Limited avenues for teaching crucial competencies. These obstacles and others systemically impeded instructors’ teaching process and students’ ability to learn and succeed.

Experiencing these barriers first-hand, Dr. Elbarrad knew there could be a better way.

Dominarlo didn’t begin as one, single idea, but many. Expensive, inflexible textbooks led to the Pressroom. Limited support for instructors led to Quiz Builder. Difficulties teaching Excel led to Excel Analyzer. Every Dominarlo product exists to solve a tangible problem and create new opportunities for learning. With modern technologies and philosophies in hand, our goal is to foster a better environment for all students and instructors.

Dominarlo was built in collaboration with students and new graduates looking to gain experience and showcase their skills. We believe strongly in the democratization of education, and it is our hope that Dominarlo continues to grow and evolve to address the needs of future classrooms.


We believe instructors are the heart of education, which is why our tools use collaboration and automation to make coordinating assignments fast and easy.


We are committed to student excellence with built-in systems to prevent and detect possible violations of academic integrity.


We aim to make education universal by providing flexible and affordable solutions that benefit all kinds of learners and budgets.

Our Founder

Dominarlo was originally envisioned by Dr. Sherif Elbarrad, a professor and award winning educator with over 30 years of experience. 

In recent years, Dr. Elbarrad is the recipient of the L.S. Rosen Outstanding Educator Award in 2021 and the Howard Teall Award for Innovation in Accounting Education in 2021 for creating original learning activities  to motivate students to pursue future learning opportunities. 

He has taught in eight universities across four continents and has authors and co-authored numerous textbooks and research articles. Dr. Elbarrad is currently based in Canada.

Sponsor Student Excellence

Interested in keeping education affordable? Dominarlo offers a sponsorship program for businesses and institutions interested in building relationships with students and enriching their communities. Be becoming a sponsor, your organization is recognized by students as their supporter in making education affordable.

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